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Vein Treatment Success Stories in Sioux Falls and Watertown, SD & Sioux City, IA

Carol – Age 68

No Vein. No Pain.






Click here to learn about Carol’s success story and our free vein screenings for new patients.

Louis Harmon – Age 58

Louis suffered from severe varicose veins until he visited Physicians Vein Clinics. See Louis’ healthy lifestyle change on KDLT after undergoing vein treatment.

Cheryl – Age 64 (EVLA/Medical Sclerotherapy)

I just wanted to thank you for fixing my leg, went back to work (9hr day) and my leg doesn’t hurt and it looks 300% better. I’ll be sure to come back to you when I need more help, which I’m sure I will at some point! Don’t retire!


Sandra – Age 53

Before I had my legs done my legs felt so tired and would hurt. They felt like I had weights on my legs. They felt so heavy. Now I feel so much better. My legs feel fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone. They are wonderful.

Lorna P.

For over 15 years I lived with extreme pain to my legs. This pain included severe swelling, pain to the touch, aching when standing or sitting too long, throbbing, heaviness, burning, fatigue, cramps, as well as many sleepless nights because of restless legs.

For years I struggled through each day, ignoring the obvious until I reached a point a few years ago knowing I had to make a change. I began to research potential causes. The most common systemic diseases appeared to involve the heart, liver or kidneys. For the past 5 years I have had complication with my heart– keep in mind I am only 42 today and plan to be around to watch grandchildren grow up. I believed I found the cause I began to seek out medical help.

While on the quest for good health I met Dr. Hansen. I was not only going to feel better, but look better as well. I approached Dr. Hansen to take away the unsightly varicose veins that began to appear about 5 years earlier– the same time I began experiencing heart complications. Dr. Hansen immediately noticed this was not a cosmetic issue and diagnosed me with vein insufficiency disease. Unbeknownst to me, the “ugly veins” I could see were a minor part of the overall problem. The veins below the surface were the primary issue.

The process began. Due to the nature of the problem, it took several procedures to repair the damage genetics and environment had caused. After each process, I immediately felt better. Today, I feel better than I have in years. All the above symptoms are gone and I contribute this entirely to Dr. Hansen.

Not only do I feeling amazing, but Dr. Hansen and his staff have made this medical journey a great experience. My only regret is I did not find Dr. Hansen sooner. He has improved my life in so many ways and I am very grateful.


Evan W.

I came to Physicians Vein Clinics for the treatment of the varicose veins in my legs. I had been suffering from achy legs, swelling, and some discoloration. Dr. Hansen told me during my consult that the veins would only get worse with time and consequently become harder to treat. I decided it was time to have the problem taken care of. Dr. Hansen and his team did laser treatment in both legs and schlerotherapy as well. It’s not to say there wasn’t some discomfort for a time, but it didn’t take long and my legs were starting to feel better. By the time I had my last treatments, my legs looked and felt great. I am so glad I went forward with the treatment. I no longer have achy, swollen legs, and there is almost no indication that I even had anything done! Dr. Hansen and his staff treated me very well – professional, courteous, and polite – not to mention the fantastic medical treatment! I am a 30 year old male and I would encourage anyone, male or female, who is suffering from varicose veins or any of the ailments Dr. Hansen treats to go in. It’s worth it!


Cricket Noll

Cricket Noll had been suffering from swelling, aching and “really bad looking” varicose veins for more than twelve years. She decided to call Dr. Hansen to find out if he might take her insurance. When he said yes, she schedule the free screening and found out her veins qualified for insurance coverage.

“I was nervous, but the procedure wasn’t near what I thought it would be. The staff there made me feel incredibly comfortable. It was like I was the most important person they were seeing that day,” says Crickett.

Crickett says her entire life is better after the procedure. She is able to wear sandals and capris without worrying about black and blue veins. Her legs aren’t swollen and sore after working on her feet all day. More importantly, she has new self-confidence.

“I feel like a million dollars,” she says. “I even bought the staff an Easter bouquet to show them how much I appreciate what they’ve done for me. It’s just incredible.”


Pamela Hanson

Around 1976, Pam Hanson had issues with painful leg veins. Back then, they treated her with compression stockings for about six weeks. The vein problems never did go away.

In 2011, she saw an article about varicose veins and decided to call Dr. Hansen’s office. They set up a free screening in February and in March she had her first of three EVLA treatments to treat deep veins like mine. She also had follow-up sclerotherapy to deal with the “little veins” that develop.

“Unless you’ve had vein issues, you may not fully comprehend how much of a difference this can make in your daily routine,” she says. “The day before my final sclerotherapy treatment, I played flag football with my grandkids. What a thrill to be able to run and enjoy life without pain and swelling in my legs.”

“Dr. Hansen and his staff have been very supportive throughout my procedures. I wish Dr. Hansen and these procedures had been around 25+ years ago. I know my vein issues in my legs would have been much different. I encourage anyone with vein issues to contact Dr. Hansen and allow him to help you regain your active lifestyle.”


Monica Kruse

I have suffered from painful Varicose Veins for the past 3 years and was always hesitant to get them treated because of the time frame for recovery and the level of pain I would experience. Dr. Hansen and his staff have been very confident and friendly from the very beginning. The procedure/recovery has been painless and allowed me to return to work the same day. I am seeing the results I have hoped for both physically and cosmetically!


Jody W.

I’ve dealt with horrible leg pain and heaviness for many years. Last fall I saw a vascular doctor and found I had faulty valves in certain veins in my legs, causing poor blood flow to my heart. In a nutshell, I was told to continue to wear the compression stockings and live with the pain…This summer I came into contact with Dr. Hansen at Physicians Vein Clinics. All his tests and diagnosis confirmed he absolutely could help me. I’ve had the laser ablation (EVLA) done in both legs and sclerotherapy as well in both legs now…I haven’t had any pre-procedure symptoms at all that used to occur nearly daily. I am no longer miserable. To my added surprise, the procedure didn’t cost thousands upon thousands of dollars like I thought it would and my medical insurance covered it since it was medically necessary. Thank you, Dr. Hansen, for making my quality of life so much better. Now I actually feel my age!

Trish S.

I have seen Dr. Hansen a couple of times for varicose veins. He is professional and down to earth. He has compassion and does an excellent job!

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