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Conservative Therapy

Most insurance companies are now requiring a trial of Conservative Therapy before considering covering the treatment of Varicose Veins. Compression stockings may help lessen the symptoms caused by varicose veins but they do not treat the underlying problem and must be worn indefinitely. Other therapies may include elevation of legs, exercising thirty minutes a day and anti-inflammatory medications.

Conservative Therapy

If you’re not ready for formal treatment of your Varicose or Spider Veins, you may want to try conservative therapy. Conservative therapy gives you a few different options for managing your symptoms and possibly improving your condition.

Compressions Stockings

One alternative form of therapy is to use compressions stockings. They’re also known as support hose. The primary function of compression stockings is to improve circulatory problems in the legs, as well as reduce the swelling in your legs.

Properly fitted support hose will squeeze your legs and put pressure on them, which will then move blood out of the veins in your legs and into more centralized areas.

Typically, support hose can help alleviate symptoms and reduce swelling but does not resolve the underlying vein problem.

Lifestyle Changes

There are several lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your symptoms. Depending on your condition and your circumstances, you may want to try walking more frequently, losing weight and possibly wearing more appropriate shoes.

Although physical changes may improve your symptoms, they will not eliminate your varicose or spider Veins.

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